DKL has a highly experienced onsite rubber technologist, who is able to help you with compound design and selection to help get the correct compound for your requirements.

In the design process we use all types of rubber from natural to fully synthetic as well as a range of colours in delivering enhanced performance compounds this includes:

Natural RubberButylNitrileNeopreneHypalonEPDMSiliconeVitonUrethanes
Tensile Strengtyh (MPa): Economy/Quality10/217/147/1410/2114/217/217/101428
Hardness Range (Durom.A)30-9040-7040-9540-9540-9040-9040-8055-9515-95
Adhension to MetalsEEG/EF/GE
Adhension to FabricGGF/GG/EVG/E
Tear ResistanceG/VGFGFF/GPE
Abrasion ResistanceGEG/EPG/EE
Compression SetGFGF/GFFF/GF
Dielectric StrengthEPGVG/GEGG/EE
Electrical InsulationG/EG/EPF/GGEF/GF/G
Acid Resistance
Solvent Resistance
Aliphatic hydrocarbonsPPEF/GGPPEG/E
Aromatic hydrocarbonsPPGF/GGPPEF/G
Oxygenated (Ketones, etc)F/GGPPFG/VGFPP
Lacquer SolventsPF/GFPPP/FPP/FP
Resistance to
Swell in lub oilPPVGGG/EPFEG/E
Oil and PetrolPPEGGPFEG/E
Animal and Vegetable OilsP/GVGVGGGGG/EEG/E
Water AbsorbtionVGVGGGVGVG/EVGG/F =100°CP
Sunlight AgingPVGPVGOOOG
Heat aging(upper limit cont. service)85°C120°C115°C95°C130°C145°C200°C200°C85°C
Price Range1222318154
Temp Rate
Upper Limit70°C90°C140°C100°C100°C100°C250°C250°C70°C
Lower Limit-50°C-40°C-50°C-40°C-30°C-40°C-60°C-10°C-40°C
The above chart is intended to assist purchasing engineers to make comparative evaluations and is offered as a guide. Variations in formulation and specific compounding can dramatically affect optimum performance. We would be pleased to provide recommendations against our customers individual requirements.

Key: P = Poor, VG = Very Good, F = Fair, E = Excellent, G = Good, O = Outstanding
Price Range: 1 = Economic, 15 = Expensive