What is it?

It is a synthetic rubber compound comprising acrylonitrile and butadiene – two copolymers. Because acrylonitrile is a volatile organic liquid, when it mixes with butadiene (a synthetic chemical compound) a reaction occurs.

What is Nitrile used for?

It is used for oil handling hoses, seals, grommets, and self-sealing fuel tanks. Nitrile butadiene is also used to create moulded goods, footwear, adhesives, sealants, sponges, expanded foams, and floor mats.

Which industries would use Nitrile?

Oil and Gas





Temperature Range -4°F to +226°F

Chemical Resistance – Nitrile has good mechanical properties and high wear resistance relative to other elastomers. Unless they are specially compounded, nitrile is not resistant to weathering, sunlight and ozone.