Natural Rubber.

Natural Rubber

What is it?

Natural Rubber is made from latex which it tapped from the Heava Brasiliensis tree. The sap is collected, and acid is then added to the mix to extract the rubber, in a process called coagulation. It is then passed through rollers to remove any excess water and hung out to dry.

What is Natural Rubber used for?

Natural rubber is used in engineering applications, like anti-vibration mounts, drive couplings, springs, bearings, rubber bands, and adhesives. But the majority- 50% of natural rubber- is used in high-performance tires for race cars, buses, and aircraft thanks to its strength and heat resistance.

Which industries would use Natural Rubber







Temperature Range –67°F to +428°F

Chemical Resistance – Natural Rubber / Isoprene has excellent dynamic properties. However, it does not do well with petroleum oils, sunlight and ozone