What is Flourosilicone?

The international nomenclature for Fluorosilicone rubber is FVMQ. FVMQ polymers are built of polysiloxane chains where methyl side groups are replaced by trifluoropropyl side groups. … FVMQ has a good heat resistance, very good low temperature flexibility and excellent resistance to weather, ozone and UV rays.

What is it used for?

Fluorosilicone is most often used in aerospace applications for systems requiring fuel and/or diester-based lubricant resistance up to 400°F. Fluorosilicone is also becoming an increasingly popular material for a wider range of sealing applications

Which industries would use Fluorosilicone?




Temperature Range –80°F to +450°F

Chemical Resistance – Has excellent resistance to petroleum oils and fuels. Fluorosilicone has limited strength and abrasion resistance so it is generally recommended for static applications only.