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Case Studies

Transmission Rubbers Mouldings

Our Customer came to us with the brief, they needed a compound that would pass the national grid requirements and be cost effective.

We designed a compound that qualified then moulded the part for testing. Once the part passed we then setup the manufacturing of the parts and went in to full scale production. As part of the quality plan each batch of compound is tested to make sure it meets the requirement.

DKL has worked with the electrical industry for many years and has extensive knowledge in this sector and understands the requirements of the national grid.

Dairy Rubbers

The customers brief was to mould food safe rubber parts as cost effective as possible. We were given many different parts to make that have many different requirements and applications and all play a vital part in the working of a milking parlour. We were required to have different rubber compounds for the different jobs so for some we were moulding out of silicone and some from EPDM and everything in between. This customer requires a lot of spare parts, sometimes with a short lead time. In order to provide a rapid response we endeavour to manufacture  and supply their requirements as a matter of urgency.

Liquid Control

Brief – To design and make compounds with high requirements this can he high temperature, high pressure, come into contact with various liquids or all of them at the same time. It may be in the oil and gas industry or in food industry. This means that there is a large amount of development required for compounds as well as complex parts that need to be moulded.

This is an area we have been involved in for many years and have developed many compounds for use in this sector as well as manufacturing the parts for use

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