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Manufacturer of rubber Products

Gaskets and Diaphragms 

DKL offers a range of gasket materials in stock at all times that can be cut to any size and shape.

We can cut a range of materials in to the shape and size required this can be done quickly if the matreial

is held in stock if not we can get hold of material. There is no minimum order Quantity we will cut

1 gasket up to hundreds of thousands or more 




We have CNC cutting capability removing the need for tooling and keeping low volume production 

cost down while keeping material wastage to a minimum. DKL also have 4 clicking presses for gasket cutting for gaskets that require tooling to be made due to thickness or shape.

We are also able to offer trepanning of parts that are to thick to cut using gasket cutting methods. 


Materials offered in Stock 

  • Silicone Glass cloth
  • Neoprene Nylon
    Fabric insertion Gaskets CNC cutting

    Reinforced Gaskets

  • Nitrile Nylon 
  • Natural Rubber
  • Nitrile Rubber 
  • Viton
  • Polyurethane Sheet 
  • Viton Nomex 

As well as many other materials. We are also able to source Bespoke materials to customers specification. 



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